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When bad weather arrives, hail is the biggest concern for any motorist. The risk is typically in summertime, but there is no shortage of hailstorms even in autumn or winter, and they can bring a nasty surprise to your car.

We at LamSuisse Service have been operating for years in therepair of hail cars, offering arepair service for hailstormsthroughout Italy, Switzerland and Germany without the need to paint the car.

Hail car repair

Thanks to innovative systems, we at LAM Suisse Service offer a repair service without the need to repaint the car, with considerable economic savings. In fact, if repairing a hailed car in the “classic way” involves an outlay ranging from € 2000 to € 5000, with our techniques we are able to contain the prices of the intervention, making you save up to 50% of a classic intervention.


Car wrapping is a technique of applyingadhesive filmsfor the protection, color change and decoration of the bodywork. Wrapping is an artistic decoration technique (and more), which aims to cover surfaces of any shape; you can choose from hundreds of special colors and finishes such as metallic, pearlescent, iridescent, chromed, carbon look, and with customized prints.

The real added value that these particular adhesive films offer is to protect the underlying surface from scratches and minor damage, making the bodywork unique and personalized at the same time.

Car appraisals

We offer an appraisal service to quantify the material and direct damage suffered to your vehicle following an accident while on the road or in the event of a collision with fixed and moving obstacles, overturning or going off the road without colliding with another vehicle.

Our experts will examine and quantify the damage suffered, which is a necessary process in the event of a claim being opened with your insurance company.

Car headlights restoration

Today, most car headlightsare made of polycarbonate or plexiglass, materials that tend to become opaque and yellow over time due to exposure to sunlight and atmospheric agents. Opaque car headlights not only spoil the aesthetics of the car, but above all, they compromise driving safety.

With our restoration service, your car’s headlights will be brilliant and crystal clear, restoring the aesthetics of your car!

Windshield replacement

A chip in the glass can always happen, a stone on the highway raised by a vehicle in front of us, a vandalism or a natural event. The essential thing is to assess the damage as soon as possible, especially if the damage is minor and does not affect driving safety.

If the extent of the damage is considerable, and it is not possible to intervene with a repair, we at LAM Suisse Service can carry out a complete change of the windshield for any type of vehicle.

Glass darkening

Window tinting films are a product that is spreading a lot on cars that are not born with this type of glass. Installing blackout films on board your car brings with it considerable advantages, as well as an aesthetic level, also in terms of privacy and well-being while driving.

Nor should the aspect of energy saving and consumption be underestimated: in fact, our darkening films allow you to reduce the amount of heat inside the passenger compartment. These are films capable of effectively shielding the sun’s rays, and this results in a lower temperature inside the car, with the consequent possibility of significantly reducing the use of air conditioning on the hottest days.

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